Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Cray in Town

I'm now back .Like fully back in writing. Like this time is for real. I'll be trying to post something weekly or daily, just weekly is what I plan to do.

Okay now we are in 2014. Very exciting for me because of the many changes in my life. Like I'm so looking forward to what this year has to offer. *Rubbing hands together* But that is a story for another day. Today however, I want to talk about something very absurd that I experienced back in 2013 while in Thika town.

For all those who know Thika town (which is my hometown, you know born and bred) know that it's not a really big town. It's mostly an industrial town but has of course developed into a busy town. Like seriously, I have never, for the 20 years I have lived in Thika, seen the kind of enthusiasm the town has of late. Too many people, too many cars, too many shops too many everything. For those of us who've watched the town grow feel very proud of it. But...I don't know it feels crowded and suffocating for me. I relocated to Nairobi which is worse to say the truth,but then again that's just it. It's Nairobi and that's how it has been so it's easier to accept it like that. But Thika? *sigh* I'm not ready to accept it like that.

Okay now let me get to my absurd experience. Okay so now, we used to live in the outskirts of Thika town along Garissa road in an estate known as Landless (I know...trust me I do.The name is strange). So I left home and took a matatu to town.Upon alighting, since you know it's a stage, I struggle through the crowd of people all going in different directions to get to the streets.I manage and start walking. I notice that the girl that was walking just in front of me, stops and changes her direction immediately. I didn't get to see her face though. As I was trying to comprehend what happened, I too get the shock of the day and immediately cross the road. I am 100% sure I didn't even check for any oncoming vehicles.

It took a while to get my heartbeat back to normal and to clear my head of what I had just seen. Was he sick? Was he normal? How many women did he do that to? I had sooooo many questions in my head. I couldn't just understand how a decent looking fairly young man would remove his manhood from his pants and wag it to any lady in sight.What the hell??? Like what the hell?? I remember accounting this story to a male friend and he said "Maybe he wanted to pee" Like how stupid do you think I am? How would he want to pee in the middle of the streets? Smh

I just concluded that he was mentally ill. If not, he was on some very lethal drugs. If not, he's a retarded pervert. I just don't know.

What would you have done in that situation? And what's with the craziness around? Kindly share your thoughts.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Well well well, after creating a blog account like I don't know,  a year ago? Yeah I think,I've decided to write. Applause please? No? Whatever.

I was born on August 6th 1992 by one brown beautiful lady Esther and my old man, John. I have one older brother who I like to call 'bromigo'. Anyway, so one year down the line somewhere July-ish is when I met my dad. I was one year old, so obviously this is what I was told. Little me ran towards the blue gate after hearing a knock. Of course my tiny self couldn't open the gate so I anxiously waited for mama to open it! See what or who comes in and alas! In stepped in my father,whom I 90% resemble carrying lots and lots of luggage from was it Yugoslavia? Yep!

Little me was so scared of him, so so scared I ran away as my mama and bromigo ran towards daddy. Took a little while to get used to him but hey I got there. And by that I mean daddy and I became bestestestestest of friends. Oh how much I miss him.

I could take you through every moment I spent with Papa but that would take a whole novel. Bottom line he was just the best.So lemme fast forward to the fateful day he was taken away from me.

At around 12.45 I got a message from my little sister, who was at home recovering from 'facial paralysis' "Call the police,we've been attacked. Dad is dead." I swear I can't even today explain how traumatized I was. I got home the same same day at around 4 or 5 or 6 can't even tell,only to be told my dad had passed on arrival to hospital after being mercilessly attacked by thugs armed with machetes.They had also gone to an extend to rape our house help. They beat up my mother but fortunately didn't touch my little sick sister.

I can't do this anymore.

Dad, I miss you so much and I'm sorry that's the way you left us. Rest in Peace my old man. I love you.